Arubaanse Championships Meet

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DATES                                  June 15, 2014


MEET MANAGERS             Esther Croes                                        Stella Leslie

                                                297 5930674                                       297 5933304

                                                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FACILITY                             Piscina Olimpico Roly Bislick

                                                Savaneta 302

                                                tel.297 5841363


RULES TO GOVERN           FINA Rules book 2014-2017 for age group and Senior events

                                                Beginners have adapted rules for figures and routines


ENTRY DATES                     Entry due: June 1, 2014


EVENTS                                 Beginners: Figures, Solo, Duet, Team, Born in 2002 or later

                                                12 and under: Figures, Solo, Duet, Team

                                                13-15: Figures, Solo, Duet, Team

                                                Junior: Figures, Solo, Duet, Team

                                                Senior: Technical and Free Duets


ENTRY RULES                     Beginners: athletes swimming for less than 1 year

                                                Foreign clubs/federations may enter up to a maximum of                                                                              two (2) solos, two (2) duets and one (1) team in each age category

                                                Host country is allowed to enter unlimited number of routines

                                                Each competitor may compete in no more than 3 different routine events


BEGINNER RULES               Figures:           Balletleg                                

                                                                      Sommersault Front Pike        

                                                                       Sommersault Back Pike         


                                                Routinetimes: Solo          1.15 min

                                                                        Duet         1.30 min

                                                                        Team       1.45 min


FEE INFORMATION           Internationa athletes: US$10 per competitor for the first event, all other                                                      events US$5 per athlete

                                                Local athletes: AWG 15

AWARDS                              Medals will be awarded in each event 1-3

                                                Individual High Point Trophy will be awarded in each age group

                                                Foreign Competitors shall receive honorary placements and receive honorary medals














15 June 2014

warm up figures

8:00 AM


Beginners Figures

9:00 AM


12 AU Figures



13-15 Figures



Juniors Figures



Warm up all solos & Tech Duets

1 PM


Technical Duet

2 PM


Solo finals

2.15 PM


Warm up duets



Duet Finals

3 PM


Warm up all Teams



Team Finals

4 PM


Medal & Awards

4.30 PM











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