Super Performance Swim Clinic In Curacao


MAY 29-31, 2014 (USD 750 per person)

Open to swimmers ages 8-18 and suited for all levels of competitive swimming, from intermediate and elite-level age group to senior level.

Although shorter in duration than our week-long camp, this 3-day Super Clinic features highlights from our challenging PEAK 1 camp curriculum. The clinic curriculum is a mental, technical, and physical blend based on our unique holistic philosophy. Swimmers are assigned to lanes based on their ability not age.

From a mental standpoint, swimmers will be introduced to the ideal training mindset, as well as the ideal racing mindset based on a number of individual criteria. From a technical standpoint, swimmers will be taught the same start, stroke, and turn technique used by the world’s top swimmers. From a physical standpoint, our in-water training sets and dry-land training sets will challenge each swimmer to the fullest.

All-together the Super Clinic includes: 6 challenging in-water training sessions, 3 dry-land training sessions, and 3 mental conditioning sessions. The daily schedule runs 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Custom curriculum designed by Former Olympic Coach Nick Baker

Signature holistic training philosophy–mental, technical, physical

Focused in-water training on starts, turns, & stroke technique

Mental Skills PLUS sessions

Minimum 12-athlete registration at USD 750 per person

Each athlete brings their own lunch daily

If there are pool and facility rental fees to consider, then the clinic price may be subject to change.

Sample Daily Schedule:

8:00 am - 9:00 am........Dry-Land Training

9:00 am - 11:00 am......In-Water Training

11:00 am - 12:00 pm......Lunch

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm........Mental Skills PLUS

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.........In-Water Training

More about the Super Clinic curriculum - featuring highlights from our PEAK 1 curriculum...

Not all swim camps and swim clinics are created equal. At Peak Performance Swim Camp we offer expert coaching and instruction in an upbeat, supportive, and structured environment geared to achieving peak performance. Swimmers and parents alike are often amazed at the degree of improvement upon returning home.

Former Olympic Coach Nick Baker, founder and head coach of Peak Performance Swim Camp is on deck, each and every day, to ensure that his holistic approach to competitive swimming is implemented to the fullest, and that all swimmers get the individual attention and instruction they deserve. Over the past 18 years, Coach Baker has conducted more than 350 swim camps and clinics and has not missed a single practice.

Contrary to the conventional type of training employed by most swim camps, PEAK 1 in-water training focuses on preparing swimmers for competition. Our swimmers train to race, rather than train to train. Most training sets are speed based, with swimmers challenged to hold near-race pace times for 25’s, 50’s, and 75’s. Benefits of speed based training include:

A heightened anaerobic and aerobic adaptation
The ability to develop swimming skills at race pace
A reduction in stroke deterioration
The ability to perform a greater amount of work over a standard period of time
Note: A 2010 study revealed that speed-based training was a better conditioning tool (for swimmers of all ages) when compared to volume-based training for racing distances 200 and below, and produced better aerobic effects overall. High-intensity training was also shown to produce quicker and better physiological and performance responses in swimmers who had been training longer distances at lower intensities.

Dry-Land and In-Water sessions will include some of the following:

In-Water Training

Challenging Drill Sets
MDPS Sets (Maximum Distance Per Stroke)
Speed Based Training
Endurance Based Training
Intense Kick Sets
Advanced Front Start Progressions
Advanced Back Start Progressions
Advanced Relay Start Progressions
Advanced 4-Stroke Skill Progressions
Advanced 4-Stroke Turn Progressions
Advanced IM Turn Progressions
Advanced Body Whip Progressions
Advanced 4-Stroke Finish Progressions
Dry-Land Training

Dynamic Stretching
Body Awareness Exercises
Shoulder Injury Prevention
Stroke Specific Strength and Flexibility Exercises
Top-to-Bottom Strengthening Exercises
Explosive Power Exercises for Starts and Turns

Anahi Schreuders ta kibra record arubiano


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Resultado di Himno y Bandera
Diabierna ultimo a tuma lugar e Competencia di Dia di Himno y Bandera.
Durante e anochi e atleta Anahi Schreuders a logra kibra e record di 50 m
Pecho den categoria 13-14 anja. E competencia alabes tabata e ultimo
opportunidad pa atletanan classifica pa CARIFTA 2014, cual lo tuma lugar na
Aruba di 22 pa 26 di April proximo.


Patrick Groters Ta Kibra Arubanse Record



Read more...Read more...     E fin di siman, 4 landador Arubano cu ta bayendo scol na Florida, USA a participa na e Speedo Southern Zone Championship cual a tuma lugar na Plantation, Florida. Patrick Groters a logra kibra dos record Arubano, esta e 100 y 200m lomba. Full resultado di nos landadornan lo sigi despues.  

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